Neuroscience Based Interventions

Interactive Metronome


New Technology Helps Children with Learning and Performance.

Tarnow Center for Self-ManagementSM Offers Interactive Metronome® Training


The Interactive Metronome ® program is a computer-based training program shown to improve attention, coordination, and timing difficulties that have been linked to developmental, behavioral and learning problems.


In recent years, neurobiological research has demonstrated that changes in the brain can be affected by specific repetitive training. FMRI studies have shown that areas in the brain responsible for understanding "timing", sequencing and attention show increased activity after completion of Interactive Metronome. In turn, the changes facilitate better attention, self-management and learning.


Using headphones, along with hand and foot sensors, the IM precisely measures how closely a participant responds to computer-generated musical beats. In approximately 15 one-hour sessions, trainees progress through a series of engaging, interactive exercises to systematically improve their timing, focus and concentration and lower their IM "scores." Like training wheels on a bicycle, the guide sounds instantaneously provide feedback on the accuracy of each movement and encourage improvement.


IM training has been found to improve timing, concentration and coordination in both children and adults. It is being used to enhance academic and athletic performance as well as aid in a range of cognitive difficulties. Studies show IM performance correlates with academic achievement in areas such as mathematics, language, reading and attention to task. In a clinical study, IM training produced significant gains in children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in the areas of concentration, motor planning, control of aggression, language processing and reading. These findings are consistent with recent research on the growth of the brain that indicates that environmental influences, not just genetics, can facilitate brain development.


The Tarnow Center is a certified provider for Interactive Metronome ®; another tool in the arsenal of interventions we offer. For more information, please call Lynn Ayres M.Ed, a certified provider of Interactive Metronome®, at 713-621-9515.