Group Therapy

Launching Groups

Each stage of development requires us to conquer certain challenges before we can move on to our next developmental phase. For adolescents, there are distinct launching points between 8th grade and 9th grade, and again between high school and young adulthood. Our launching groups are designed to assist our clients with these transitions. First we assess where the teen lands in his/her own readiness for the next stage, and then we help them develop the necessary skills to take on the challenge.


College Readiness Group- High School Juniors and Seniors - Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D. on Thrusdays

Launching 101- Young Adults and Their Parnets - Sophia K. Havasy, Ph.D. and Caitlin Bailey, LPC

Middle School Launching Group to be announced. If interested in this group please call our Intake Coordinator, Uyen at 713-621-9515, ext 227