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TOPICS Available from:
Tarnow Center for Self-Management

Self-Management Disorders:

  • Self-Management and the Young Child
  • Early Warning Signs of ADD and Self-Management Disorders in Young Children
  • Facilitating Self-Management throughout Development: The Role of the Parent, Teacher, and Child
  • Pathways to Competence through Self-Management: Getting on the Right Track for the School Year
  • Teaching Self-Management in the Classroom

Self-Management Disorders

  • Promoting Executive Functioning Skills- A Guide for Teachers and Parents


  • Facilitating the Transition to Kindergarten
  • Facilitating the Transition to Middle School
  • Facilitating the Transition to High School
  • Facilitating the Transition to College/Post graduation
  • Self-Management Disorders & Making Successful Transitions
  • Creating Competent Learners: A Self-Management Approach


  • Attention Deficit Disorders and Self-Management
  • Understanding the Biopsychosocial Aspects and Treatment of ADHD in Children, Adolescence, and Adults
  • ADHD: Meaning Beyond the Hype, What It Is! What It Ain't! Treatments that Work
  • ADHD and Learning Anxiety
  • ADHD and the Workplace
  • Diagnostic Dilemmas and Comorbidity in ADHD
  • ADHD and Language Disorders
  • Positive Prognosis of ADHD

Learning and Language:

  • Understanding and Treating Learning Disabilities
  • Teaching Strategies for the A.D.D. or L.D. Child
  • Language/Learning Disorder and Up-to-date Technology
  • Learning Styles and the Educational Process
  • Treatment of Language Disorders
  • Language Development and its Relationship to School Success
  • Empowering Teachers in the Classroom- the Management of Behavior and Learning
  • Helping Children to Succeed and be Enthusiastic Learners
  • Mysteries of Learning Difficulties
  • Creating Competent Learners: An Education Perspective

Other Mental Health issues:

  • Tourette's Syndrome: Biopsychosocial Treatment
  • Understanding the Biopsychosocial Aspects and Treatment of Depression in Children, Adolescence, and Adults
  • Understanding the Biopsychosocial Aspects and Treatment of Anxiety Disorders in Children, Adolescence, and Adults
  • How to Collaborate and Work Successfully with Parents of Children with Special Needs
  • Understanding Psychological Testing
  • Effects of Stress on Mind and Body

Anxiety: It Can Be Managed

  • Self-Management Parenting Techniques
  • Alternatives to Medications

Social/Emotional Development:

  • Social and Emotional Development of Children (Pre-Schoolers, School-Aged, and Middle School)
  • Promoting Social Competence in Children
  • Social/Relationships Skills Training that can Build Classroom Success
  • Parenting Toddlers and Young Children
  • Behavior Management Techniques for Young Children
  • Positive Discipline Strategies
  • Effective Discipline for Children: What Works and Why
  • Understanding the Results of Trauma on Children
  • Autistic Spectrum Disorders in School-Aged Children


  • Adolescent Development
  • Working with Adolescents in Crisis
  • Creating Competent Young Adults
  • Academic Anxiety in Adolescent Girls
  • Adolescent Girls: Issues, Concerns and Solutions

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The Tarnow Center for Self-Management offers a range of diagnostic services and treatment of individuals and families