Integrative Psychiatry

Pharmacogenomics Testing

Integrating Traditional Medicine with complementary and Alternative Treatments


 Pharmacogenomic testing offers individualized prescribing tailored in accordance with your metabolic profile.

We are proud to offer Pharmacogenomics testing. We now have the ability to do a cheek swab and grow a person’s genome—their genetic makeup. We can grow one genome of your metabolism and reaction to medication. It takes only one week to obtain the data we need to make informed decisions about which medication has the best chance of working, with the least chance of side effects.

Pharmacogenomics can play an important role in identifying responders and non-responders to medications, avoiding adverse events, and optimizing drug dose. The benefits of pharmacogenomics for patients:

Receive best available therapy quickly

  • Spared unnecessary side effects
  • Avoid “trial and error” medicine