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Lynn Ayres, M.Ed

Educational Diagnostician Consultant

Lynn Ayres, M.Ed. received her Master's Degree in diagnostics from the University of Houston, specializing in special education, learning disabilities, and psychology. She completed her post-graduate courses in Learning Styles, Neuro-Psychology, The Brain, Drug and Alcohol Intervention, Group Facilitator Training, Individualized Instruction, Assessment and Curriculum.

Ms. Ayres is Certified as an educational diagnostician and teacher in the areas of mental retardation, learning disabilities, and elementary education. Ms. Ayres has worked as a learning disabilities resource teacher and educational diagnostician in the Spring Branch Independent School District for 18 years. Most recently, she lived overseas where she continued working as an educational diagnostician, resource teacher, and counselor.

Ms. Ayres specializes in evaluating intellectual, educational, and perceptual abilities, as well as learning styles and learning behaviors which influence learning. She consults with parents, school personnel, and private professionals. She assists in developing and implementing individual educational plans, educational management strategies, instructional accommodations, and modifications.

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