Meaghan Devlin, M.Ed, BCBA, LBA


Meaghan earned a B.A. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education from the University of Portland in Portland, Oregon, a Masters of Education in Special Education and Applied Behavior Analysis from Texas A&M University, and is a current doctoral student studying Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. Meaghan has experience as a teacher abroad and in the US, in both general and special education positions. Through these experiences she saw the need for teachers to be as effective as possible for the benefit of their students and themselves. Her scholarly efforts include supporting pre-service and in-service teachers to use evidence-based strategies in an effort to close the research-to-practice gap. She seeks to do so by teaching, researching, and implementing best practices in teacher preparation and in-service support. Meaghan holds teaching licenses in Early Childhood and Elementary Education (early childhood through sixth grade), special education (early childhood through twelfth grade), and behavior analysis in the state of Texas. She recently served as an intern with the Department of Education Office of Special Education Programs. Meaghan was also a 2023 recipient of the Texas A&M University Association of Former Students Distinguished Graduate Student Award for Teaching for her work in the undergraduate special education program.


As a Board Certified Behavior Analysis and educator, Meaghan seeks to affirm and support neurodiverse individuals to reach their fullest potential by designing and implementing effective behavioral and learning programs with the collaboration of families and school personnel. Meaghan works with families, school personnel, and other clinicians to design behavioral and learning programs that are individualized and encourage development through the use of self-management strategies. Meaghan’s varied experiences in clinical and school settings have prepared her to effectively support clients in developing a variety of skills such as academic and pre-academic skills, social skills, time management, task completion, goal setting, organization, planning, study skills, emotional regulation, and other adaptive skills.


In addition to working with individual clients on learning and behavioral goals, Meaghan can provide training and coaching for school personnel in supporting individuals with learning differences through inclusive, evidence-based strategies for behavior and learning. She can also provide families support and feedbac through the school Individualized Education Program (IEP) and/or Admission, Review, Dismissal (ARD) meeting process.