jay tarnow

I am so happy this was published in the Houston Chronicle. It focuses on an ongoing problem in Obstetrics care.  My wife had trauma with her delivery and had PTSD.  It interfered with her bonding in the first few days after delivery because she was so anxious.  Luckily she was married to a Psychiatrist who did research on this.  She did EMDR which helped tremendously.  There are 4 people in my office who treat this type of PTSD with a new treatment called A.R.T (Accelerated Resolution Therapy). - Sophia Havasy, PhD, Elizabeth Wilkins, LMFT, LPC, Julie Jones, PhD, LMFT-S, LPC-S, and Jalane Theis, RN, CPNP,


Link to the article in the Chronicle about PTSD.

Link to the article about ART.