The holiday season is already upon us, which means a break from school, time with family, and gifts. Lots and lots of gifts. If you have that special ADHD person in your life, here are some ideas to help them get more organized (and stay a little more sane) for the New Year.

  • According to the American Demographic Society, Americans waste more than 9 million hours each day looking for lost and misplaced articles. My guess is that 7 million of those hours are wasted by those of us with ADHD. The Tile Bluetooth tracking device ($25.00) can help you seriously cut down on that time. This little (1 square inch) doohickey can attach to just about anything you tend to misplace. Download the app for your phone, and you can track it down. I keep one on my keychain and a spare in my car for those “where did I park again?” moments.

  • You may lose remote controls, but you’re probably never without your phone. The Blumoo Bluetooth universal remote control ($99.00) puts everything in one place and lets you create your very own remote control the way you like it. Initial setup did take some time, but customer service is fast and very friendly.

  • I travel between two offices, and often end up doing a good bit of work at home as well. Flash drives made it much easier to access all my documents from each location, but let’s be honest: you don’t want to give an ADHD person another thing to carry every day. Dropbox online file storage lets you access all of your important digital files no matter where you are. You can also share your Dropbox, so that others can access your photos, shared projects, etc. It offers up to 2 GB free, or you can upgrade to 1 TB for $10 a month (or $99 for a year).

  • ADHD types often forget to charge their phone, and that obnoxious “Low Battery Warning” can sound like an air raid siren. The problem is - I lose about 3 of these charging cables every time I go on vacation, and Apple charges $20 for a replacement. Luckily I found this deal on Amazon. I keep two in the car, two in the office, and I’ve hidden the rest from my wife and daughter. ($6.00 each)

  • You’re going to need a place to plug all those charging cables. The Anker 36w 4 port USB Wall Charger ($19.99) was reviewed as “the best multiport USB wall charger for most people” by It can charge up to four devices quickly, and costs no more than that single port plug you got with your iPhone. Four ports also means that you charge all of your gadgets in the same place, cutting down on that morning search time.

  • If you’re like me, you empty your pockets at the end of the day to find crumpled sticky notes filled with ideas and reminders. But if you’re like me when I’m being honest, you actually don’t find these notes until after the washer and dryer have turned them into confetti. Wacom smart notepads and pens ($160) store your notes and sketches as you write/draw, and you can later upload them to your computer for editing and storage.

  • I get most of my brilliant ideas when I’m stuck in traffic. In the BC era (Before Cell phones), I kept a pad and pen in my center console so that I could write down the thought or put down a reminder to call someone. Now that I have a cell phone, my time stuck in traffic is some of my most productive. But ADHD drivers don’t need any more distractions, and a phone held to the side of your head uses one of your good hands and might lead to some knee-steering. No bueno. Bluetooth wireless technology has become a standard feature for automobiles over the last several years, allowing drivers to talk on the phone while keeping both hands on the wheel. But some of us happen to enjoy driving our dinosaur cars, thank you very much. This iSimple Bluestream Bluetooth adapter ($60) is plug and play, and turns your pre-2010 dumb car into a smart car.

  • Whether or not you need to update your car’s connectivity, you’ll need a place to put your phone while you’re driving. The Spigen magnetic phone mount ($25) attaches to one of the a/c vents on your dashboard, keeping your phone easily in reach.

  • Back when we were still dating, my wife would often giggle anytime we were getting ready to leave someplace. I finally asked her what was so funny, and she said, “why do you always do the Macarena before you leave a room?” It took me a while to figure out that she was referring to my unconscious ritual of checking my pockets to make sure I had my keys, wallet, and phone on me. Maybe the Walli smart wallet (pre-order: $89, regular price: $119) would help me feel more secure. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and alerts you if you’ve left either your wallet or your phone behind. It also monitors each internal card pocket and will alert you if you’re missing a credit card, a boarding pass, or your passport. What happens if you leave both your wallet and your phone behind? Well, that’s when you dance the timeless Macarena.

  • Finally, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your favorite Tarnow Center psychologist who is male and has a colorful bird for a last name, look no further than this street legal Tron light cycle ($55,000). It has a 996cc 4 stroke engine, and 6 speed constant mesh manual transmission. I don’t know what any of that means, but I do know that it lights up. And that it’s awesome. Just don’t tell my wife.

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