Jay D. Tarnow, M.D.


An article recently published in the New York Times titled Some with Autism Diagnosis Can Overcome Symptoms is a very important article to Our Center because this is what we believe. That these patients can be helped significantly and some in a major way. It takes a comprehensive treatment plan that looks at the BioPsychosocial interventions and a lot of hard work by parents doing the "right" things, not just pie in the sky interventions, but scientifically based, clinically sophisticated intervention.

We start with a comprehensive evaluation that is focused on which treatment interventions will be most effective. We use QEEG to assess the neurological dysfunction and send the data to a huge computer database of thouands of QEEGs. The results are analyzed by 2 experts, a Neurologist and Electroencephlographer as to which medications will work best on the brain. It takes all the years of guess work out of trying to select the correct medication for this specific individual. Then we do genetic testing to assess how that individual reacts to medication and how the medications will be metabolized.

Our unique, proprietary, specialized Neuropsychological Testing that has been developed over the past 25 years and utilized in thousands of patients gives a very clear understanding of the type of psychological, educational, social, and brain interventions which will be most effective. We then follow these patients closely, constantly assessing the effectiveness of our interventions. These children do change, and when they change, we want to be on top of the situation to intervene with what they need at that stage.

Many of the parents of Autistic Spectrum Disordered patients will jump from one clinician to another and from one intervention type (Nutritional, Allergist, Occupational Therapist, Neurologist, Applied Behavioral Analysis, Etc.) to another randomly or because they read an article or heard from another parent how their child was helped by this or that person. Our approach is "Continuity of Care". we follow and meet the needs of these children from toddler through adulthood. We oversee the care even when we refer to another program for specialized care we do not give at the Center. No stone is left unturned, but we coordinate it all and are constantly assessing the effectiveness of each step. THIS IS THE TARNOW CENTER FOR SELF-MANAGEMENT WAY!


Some with Autism Diagnosis Can Overcome Symptoms By Benedict Carey Published January 16, 2013