Older, Wiser, Smarter

By Jay D. Tarnow, M.D.

jay tarnow


Three years ago, I wrote a letter to the community that I was not retiring! I am still not retiring. However, I am giving up my administrative duties, so I can focus more on research and innovation.

Indeed my energy and enthusiasm increases daily from continued association with the wonderful clinicians of the Tarnow Center. This group of professionals just keeps on stimulating me, leading to the creation of more innovative pursuits. When you collaborate with a multi-disciplinary group that loves to learn and loves to teach, it is a pleasure to come to work. We have such a nice blend of young clinicians and the core “Old Fogies.”

As I look back at what we have achieved in 25 years, it astounds me. How did an ADHD kid who couldn’t read till 3rd grade become part of such a wonderful team of innovators? I love to see my patients come in after 20 years and tell me about their achievements. I love the graduation, wedding, and baby announcements. I love to hear about their jobs. I feel the excitement as if they were my own children. God has been so kind.

How can I retire?

The Tarnow Center has been on the cutting edge for the last 25 years. We started a model of Self-Management before anyone else. We restated Brain Plasticity, and proved that therapeutic programs could change the brain and people’s performance. We took flack from the community. But we persevered. In the face of rampant criticism and doubters, we persist, do the research, and improve people’s lives. Our message is always hope, try harder, and carry on. We don’t give up!

How could I ever retire?