People who are successful in life, are successful at self-management.

Many things can derail effective self-management-learning disabilities, emotional distress, family dysfunction, biochemical disorders, and interrelationships between these and other issues.

At the Tarnow Center, we often focus on self-management because when you become a good self-manager, you will have the skills you need to set goals, meet objectives, and achieve emotional balance and stability in your life.

Our approach to therapy is developmental and systemic, by which we mean that it is important to focus on both the way you got to be, how you are now, and the various systems (family, work, community) within which you operate today.

We see patients from infancy to retirement, and are sensitive to the particular needs of each of life's stages. We know that it is important to address your current situation with an eye towards life challenges that the future will bring.

The Tarnow Center is an interdisciplinary practice incorporating the fields of psychiatry, psychology, speech and language, education, vocational work and counseling. Even if your contact with the practice is at only one of these points, your practitioner will formally or informally draw on the expertise of the other professionals in the group, giving every case access to the best knowledge and information available through a carefully selected team of professionals.